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Mr. Chen Fulong, graduated from Nanchang University in 1995, China Zhanpai trainers, micro marketing leader, President of Panyu District Federation of industry and Commerce Committee, vice president of Panyu District chamber of Commerce Federation Shilou town Panyu network.
In 2009, Mr. Chen Fulong has many years of marketing training in human resources and the accumulation of custom furniture industry study, founded the city of Guangzhou and the letter Hui and furniture industry Co. Ltd., and served as chairman of the board; the next few years, and the letter Zhimei soft decoration design company, Guangzhou Rui Yuan Furniture Industrial Co. Ltd. and trend students. In the business process, Mr. Chen Fulong proposed "a hill Baihu, hold together to conquer the world" business philosophy, recruit talent, work, wisdom, wisdom and will succeed, rally, with the fast lane of development, has become the industry leader in custom furniture brand.
As an entrepreneur, Mr. Chen Fulong with the leadership style, bold reform, make snap, work resolutely, hands-on, the pursuit of perfection. As a manager, he is not humanized, as for employees, like family members. The establishment of training mechanism, regular classes, help the staff to improve their professional skills; for social security, relief staff established love fund, the menace from the rear; employees suffering from serious illness, or family suffered major difficulties, promptly rescue workers; the implementation of dividend incentive mechanism, let employees participate in sharing the fruits of development companies. A series of love and care initiatives to make employees more loyal, intelligent and more dedicated, love, but also for the company brought excellent reputation and generous returns.
New era, new opportunities, and Mr. Chen Fulong, also for wisdom and dreams (led by a group of people to achieve a high quality of life dream) struggle, he will surely for wisdom and lofty ideals and high aspirations in custom furniture arena opened a wonderful bright scene.


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?2017 Guangzhou Yuanrui Furniture Industry CO.,Ltd All Rights Reserved 粵ICP備13089802號-1 Powered by vancheer